Case History

The Doppiozero39 creations

5 star superior hotel in Milan


Doppiozero39 provided custom furniture for hotels which have allowed them to stand out in the market for their quality and reliability. Each piece of furniture is treated in details and designed to resonate with the other elements in the whole surroundings.

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Hotel Greuterhof

Islikon, Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most scenic hotel locations in the world, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Alps. The hotels that are located in these tourist destinations need some of the tasteful styles typical for the mountain resorts and at the same time original.

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5 star superior hotel in Venice


The romantic charms that surround Venice makes it an ideal destination for loving couples. Hotels in this unique city then have the task to create the atmosphere that rhymes with the city’s history.

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Ristorante CottoCrudo Four Seasons Hotel


The Prague CottoCrudo restaurant has decided to focus on the unique style of interior design that’s made in Italy to also transmit the image with the decor of a room always attentive to quality.

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