The beauty and class
of customized interiors

5 star superior hotel in Milan


Doppiozero39 provided custom furniture for hotels which have allowed them to stand out in the market for their quality and reliability. Each piece of furniture is treated in details and designed to resonate with the other elements in the whole surroundings.

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Hotel Greuterhof

Islikon, Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most scenic hotel locations in the world, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Alps. The hotels that are located in these tourist destinations need some of the tasteful styles typical for the mountain resorts and at the same time original.

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Doppiozero39, the quality hub

Our professionals

We’d like to call ourselves the “hub of quality” as Doppiozero39 makes available to our customers the best Italian masters of craftsmenship. Professionals specialized in various arts, from the carving of wood, and manufacturing of leather or glass, all carry one common purpose in them: dedication for excellence. Each specialist for Doppiozero39 puts his skills to satisfy their customers’ needs in manufacturing furnishings of exclusive measure, designed and built for an audience that appreciates the value of works of interior design that’s 100% Made in Italy.

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Arredamenti su misura Milano, Monza e Brianza, Mariano Comense

Doppiozero39: our world

Understanding the specific needs of our customers is the fundamental point here at Doppiozero39, it lays the foundation for us to design our custom-made furnitures which would in turn respect our customers’ needs and tastes. We want to create this tailor-made environment for our customers that’s beautiful, harmonious, and giving a sense of belonging. In doing so, at Doppiozero39 we devote much of our time to find the most suitable materials for each of our projects, and leaving nothing at chance, placing each element in great details contributing to the harmony for the final outcome.

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Arredamenti su misura Milano, Monza e Brianza, Mariano Comense

The pleasure of living in a tailor made environment

Doppiozero39 had designed and tailored made furnishings for many premium locations, including the central flats in Milan, the villas on Lake Como, the houses and villas of Monza and Brianza, the chalets in the Alps in Switzerland. During the years of Doppiozero39, we have also decorated many homes in exclusive locations around the world: Monte Carlo and the French Riviera, private residences in Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE, India, China and the Far East and the United States of America

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The world of Doppiozero39