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QUALITY               HUB

values rooted in the Lombardy territory,
willingness to spread them all over the world


the origins of the Quality Hub

Quality Hub is our network of artisans and professionals ably directed and cordinated from our headquarters in Mariano Comense. Hub of Quality is an organism in constant evolution, able to provide customers with the highest quality and best service for the realization of their projects. 

The mission of Doppiozero39 is to bring the quality of Made in Italy to the world. From this principle comes the name, which, recalling the international telephone prefix of Italy, expresses the cosmopolitan spirit of the company combined with the desire and pride to communicate its roots.


Artisans and professionals

craftsmen at your service

Doppiozero39's specialists are carpenters, upholsterers, architects, interior designers and artists who share the company's mission and put their skills at the service of the client to create exclusive bespoke furniture designed and made for a public that appreciates the value of interior design Made in Italy.

We offer our clients the best Italian master craftsmen, specialists coming not only from Brianza, known throughout the world as the home of the best carpenters, but also from the major districts of Made in Italy design and excellence: from the glassmakers of Murano and the ceramists of Novi to the tanners of the Tuscan workshops.

Doppiozero39 collaborates with architectural firms and interior designers in Italy and abroad, our professionals are available to help clients shape their ideas. The partnership with these interior design professionals is an expression of the company's philosophy, the desire to bring the beauty of Made in Italy to every part of the world.

assurance of reliability

Project Management

Quality Qub means not only quality but also reliability.

Each Client has its point of reference in a dedicated Project Manager, capable of understanding the specific needs of each project, identifying the best finishes and ideal processing techniques, and coordinating all the players involved in order to optimize resources to achieve the best result.

The PM oversees all project phases, from initial briefing to final delivery, sharing objectives with the Client and establishing a relationship of trust with them.


unique materials for custom furniture


Like an elegant suit that follows and enhances the lines of the wearer, so our furnishings are always tailor-made creations, in harmony with the tastes and characteristics of the places where people live or work.

The manufacturing process is the moment when the skill of the craftsman is expressed, transforming sophisticated materials into a unique product.

The synergy between these elements: design experience, the use of excellence in materials, impeccable workmanship, makes each Doppiozero39 creation an admirable work.

at your disposal


As guarantee of our work, we offer a range of services and benefits to our Clients. 

Doppiozero39's Quality Hub makes Clients part of the partnership with the best Italian artisans for each custom project, and also offers a choice of the best Italian brands for commercial furniture.

We offer the possibility of storage of goods in the warehouse, and during the production phase, the customer is always involved in the process so that the quality of the product offered can be verified. After production, the product goes through the stages of inspection, packaging, shipping and installation on site

Of notable importance is the "Artisans' Tour": for special projects there is the possibility of a direct visit to the workshops and warehouses of our master craftsmen, guaranteeing total Made in Italy production.

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