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We collaborate with private individuals, companies and professionals who seek quality and expertise for the realisation of their projects.

Doppiozero39 is able to carry out any work in
partnership, guaranteeing great attention to detail and an almost unlimited range of solutions and materials. The professionalism of our specialists and the precision of our delivery schedules make our company a reliable partner that devotes body and soul to each project. These are the qualities that have led us to operate throughout the world, making our creations in contract furniture synonymous with quality.
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Your dedicated reference person

The Project Manager oversees all project phases, from initial briefing to final delivery, sharing objectives with the Client and establishing a relationship of trust with them. The PM is able to understand the specific needs of each project, identify the best finishes and ideal processing techniques, and coordinate all players in order to optimize resources to achieve the best result.

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The simplicity of a

single partner

In synergy with the Project Manager, Doppiozero39's customer service provides structured organizational and informational support to the Client in the process management: in logistics, in dealing with public agencies ( practices and permits) and exhibition event secretariats, through support services.


From idea

to realization

The company has top design partners capable of starting from a rough draft or sketch, different solutions are worked out and developed into two-dimensional drawings and presented to the client. Following the project selection, 3D models and video simulations are created to enable an overall "virtual" evaluation of the planned project.



Certified quality and attention to detail

Our PMs' attention is focused on offering the highest quality in manufacturing, material selection and finishes. Our materials and fabrications have the highest standards of certification and environmental protection. 


Flexibility and


We offer our Clients a warehousing service, and through our range of vehicles and our dedicated partners we have transport and logistics services suitable for any need at any place and time in Europe.



Curated environments ready to be lived in

Our teams of specialized installers are able to complete any challenge while ensuring an optimal result on time. Possibilities range from single prototype assembly to the set-up of entire stores, apartments and hotels, as well as the eventual removal and disposal of pre-existing furniture.

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